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Recently, I have done a couple Boudoir Sessions. I dabbled in it a few years ago, but my main focus has always been on kids. I love photographing kids- their innocence, their personalities, their humor, and the list goes on. I will say though.. it is very rewarding when you can help make other women feel beautiful. Women don’t always feel beautiful. We all know we put ourselves last because we are usually more worried about taking care of our work, husbands/spouses, kids, house work and pretty much everything and everyone else first. When you hear comments like “is that me”... yes woman, that is all you! All that gorgeousness is you! Own that!! Or “I can’t believe how much I love these!” Of course you do, look how beautiful you look! Or “I thought I did this for my husband, but I have come to realize that I did this for me” Yes! Nothing is sexier then a woman who feels sexy!! Too often, women don’t feel beautiful, or we tell ourselves we are not. We compare ourselves to others, and we shouldn’t! Because each and every one of us is perfectly imperfect and beautiful in our own special way! The only person that we should care who sees that is us!! Needless to say I have decided this year I will be doing a lot more Boudoir Sessions!!